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    Over the past week or so, I have spoken to a lot of students about scholarships for graduate school/programs! This has been both surprising and great, and of course, after those conversations, it immediately led to me creating this shortlist of scholarships for graduate school.

    Graduate school can range from being very necessary to a nice addition to an undergraduate degree depending on your area of study/intended career.

    Types of Graduate Degrees

    Similar to the way that there are several different types of undergraduate degrees you can pursue, the same goes for graduate degrees. I recently published this blog post which outlines most, if not all, of the various types of undergraduate and graduate degrees that are out there.

    From my experience, scholarships for graduate students tend to be pretty all-encompassing in terms of which types of graduate students are eligible to apply.

    However, if you're a doctoral student, and you're not sure if a graduate scholarship is only open to master's students, I highly recommend reaching out to the scholarship provider directly to clarify before starting your application.

    Now, back to the topic at hand!

    There is no doubt that when you add graduate degree costs to the total cost of an undergraduate degree, it can all definitely get expensive.

    So, without further ado (as I always say in these posts), here are some great scholarships for all types of graduate school students.

    Scholarships for Graduate School

    Scholarships for Graduate Students: Conclusion

    At the end of the day, I hope that one or more of these scholarships is up your alley! If not, no worries though, because the best and easiest way to find scholarships for graduate school is to head over to our scholarship search, enter in your deets, and get back personalized scholarship results.

    Plus, if you’re still in the process of applying for graduate school, or if you have recently accepted into a program, be sure to check out the program’s financial aid page to see what scholarship opportunities they offer specifically for your program!

    Finally, if you’re looking to head into law, a medical field, or business, and you need scholarships for graduate school, be sure to check out these resources:

    LSAT Prep Courses Scholarship

    MCAT Prep Hub Medical School Scholarship

    MBA Insight Scholarship

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