Health & Wellness

Listen, I know that being a student is tough. I also know that being a student in today's climate is even tougher. So, I created this page full of all kinds of great resources (think: articles, apps, podcasts, and more!) to help you be the best you can be.

Mental Health

Active Minds Referral Resources

Features: places to find help on campus, places to find help in your community, and other helpful ideas & takeaways for students.

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Listen: 15 Best Mental Health Podcasts

Looking for your next inspiring and thought provoking podcast to incorporate into your daily routine? Check out Vogue's list of 15 great mental health podcasts.

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Meditate With These Apps

This article by Healthline features a list of 20 apps to help you get your meditating started. If you're not sure where to get started (or overwhelmed by options) we recommend Headspace or Insight Timer.

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Read: Taking Care of Your Health in the Face of Uncertainty

This article by AFSP provides tips and resources for those who are struggling with their mental health during COVID-19.

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Exercise & Nutrition

App: Strava

Strava lets you track your walking, running, hiking, riding, and more with GPS tracking. You can join Challenges, follow your friends, and set goals for yourself as you go.

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Easy Meals for College Students

This article on the "It's Always Autumn" blog features 50 easy recipe ideas that cater specifically to college students, plus tips and tricks for college cooking in general.

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App: Couch 2 5K

This app, designed for inexperienced runners, is a great, low-stress way to help get you up and off your couch and pounding the pavement.

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Health and Wellness Guide for Busy College Students

College alone is tough. But balancing college with your health and wellness is another story. This article aims to help students retain that healthy balance by providing tips on nutrition, fitness, and stress management.

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Social Connection & Helping Others

Mental Heatlh America: Tips for Connecting With Others

This article written by Mental Health America offers information on the importance of connections, and provides advice for how college students can work to create stronger, more meaningful relationships with those around them.

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Chrome Plugin: Teleparty

Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is a great and easy way to watch synchronized TV and movies with your friends and family, no matter where you all are (or how far away you are!).

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Read: Heads Up Guys

Heads Up Guys aims to help reduce the stigma of males struggling with mental illness. This page specifically provides practical tips that men (but also women!) can implement into their lives to help improve their social lives, deal with stress, and fight depression.

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Active Minds: How to Help a Friend in Need

Active Minds' everyday guide for everyday challenges starts with the acronym V-A-R, which stands for Validate, Appreciate, and Refer. On this page, you can learn more about VAR and how to properly use it to help out your friends in need.

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Awesome Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Self Care Support is a great Instagram page (and website) dedicated to providing mental health resources, connecting changemakers, and building a community to support and inspire students in so many different ways.

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Innsightful is an Instagram page talking about all things mental health, from stress relief to living with anxiety to dealing with trauma. They also have an app that is launching soon!

Check out their Insta


How Mental is an Insta page but also a great online resource to help you "get the right support for your mind"! They are dedicated to making mental health a global priority and reminding people everywhere that you are not alone in your struggles.

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Do you know of any resources you think I should add?

Awesome! I love adding new resources - send me an email or DM me on Instagram with your recommendations!