Stefanie Barlow

Stefanie Barlow

College Admissions Coach and Consultant at Admissionado.

Stefanie Barlow's journey from a post-MBA marketing career to an admissions consultant is a testament to her dynamic spirit and passion for making a difference. An avid hip-hop dancer and amateur kickboxer, Stefanie always sought a path that was as vibrant and active as she is.

Enter Admissionado. Now a savvy veteran, Stefanie consistently delivers exceptional results through unwavering tenacity, sharp admissions insight, and a unique talent for bringing out the best in people.

For over a decade, Stefanie has been a guiding force for non-traditional, international, and domestic students navigating the intricate world of graduate and undergraduate admissions. Her holistic approach goes beyond academics, encompassing extracurriculars, essays, and interviews.

Specializing not only in admissions but also in waitlist strategies and career coaching, Stefanie ensures her clients are equipped to tackle every aspect of their academic and professional journey. Stefanie's success lies in her ability to forge deep connections with students, understand their dreams, and offer personalized guidance. She's propelled numerous students into top-tier universities, including Ivy League schools and other highly selective institutions and programs.

When she's not shaping futures, Stefanie immerses herself in the dynamic culture of Brooklyn, New York, where she lives with her family.

Stefanie Barlow, College Admissions Expert