30 Scholarships to Apply for in September 2023

Introduction to September Scholarships

August and September are the two months of the year that are most commonly associated with all things back to school for students of all years.

For high school students - particularly juniors and seniors - September signifies the start of a big year filled with all things related to the college admissions process: researching schools, writing essays, taking standardized tests, going on college tours, and of course, applying for scholarships!

Whether you're in high school, college, or graduate school, the start of a new school year is undoubtedly a great time to kickstart (or restart!) your journey with applying for scholarships.

In this post, we highlight nearly 30 fabulous September scholarships. Scroll down to search through the opportunities, apply for ones you're eligible for, and secure that bag!

Scholarships to Apply for in September 2023

Want to get ahead in your scholarship search?

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