Scholarships for Black Students

Introduction: Scholarships for Black Students

There are tons of great organizations that award scholarships for black and African American students. These scholarships can help fund various aspects of your education, ranging from tuition to textbook expenses to other miscellaneous fees. 

The goal of these scholarships is to give students like you the opportunity to earn money to put toward your education so you can stress less, learn more, and enjoy the college experience for everything that it has to offer. 

Below, I have outlined over 20 great scholarships for black and African American students, which range in award amount, competitiveness, and area of study/interest. 

Plus, if you’re enrolled in or planning on attending one of the 107 HBCU’s located in the United States, make sure to check out your university’s scholarship website for more school-specific opportunities to take advantage of. 

Credit: TMCF
Credit: TMCF

The List: 25+ Scholarships for Black Students

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