"An Interview With..."

Welcome to the Access Scholarships "An Interview With..." Series, where I chat with awesome people across various industries who are doing inspiring work, achieving great things, and helping others along the way.

Makaela Premont, Pharmacist & Founder of Uniquely Mickie

For episode #3 of the "An Interview With..." series, I chatted with Makaela Premont, a pharmacist and the founder of Uniquely Mickie, a pharmacy, lifestyle, and travel blog.

Check out our interview to hear Mickie talk about her education journey, recall her top tips and pieces of advice for students, and even give some pointers for those interested in starting up their own blog or social platform!

Meryl Feinstein, Pasta Social Club

For episode #2 of the "An Interview With..." series, I had the pleasure of chatting with Meryl Feinstein, the Founder of an awesome company called Pasta Social Club.

Watch our interview to hear all about Meryl's journey from college to where she is now, how she built her PSC brand and platform (of 170,000 followers!) and more.

Akbar Rahel, Prep Expert

To kick off the "An Interview With..." series, I ~virtually~ sat down with Akbar Rahel, the College Admissions Consulting Director at Prep Expert to chat about all things, well, college admissions!

Watch our interview to hear Akbar's tips, tricks, and insights into navigating the college application process.