August Scholarships

Introduction to August Scholarships

Whether we like it or not, school is just around the corner, and so are those August scholarships!

This post highlights over twenty scholarships for students of all kinds to apply for throughout the month of August. As always, some of these August scholarships are open specifically for students who meet certain eligibility requirements related to major, home state, residence, or GPA. However, we also list plenty of scholarships in this post that are open to a wider range of students.

Want a quick scholarship tip? The more specific you can get with the types of scholarships you apply for, the better! So, even if you've been lacking in your summer scholarship search, let this August scholarships post be a launching pad to help you start (or reignite) your search for scholarships before the school year starts up again!

So, without further ado, keep scrolling for my list of August scholarships!

20+ scholarships to apply for in August

Want to get ahead in your scholarship search?

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