Best Texas Scholarships to Apply for in 2024

Introduction to Texas scholarships

Out of all fifty states in the US, Texas ranks #2 in both population AND size. Other than being quite an impressive feat in general, what’s also impressive is that the state of Texas has no shortage of great scholarship opportunities and financial aid for its students to take advantage of. Keep reading for our roundup of the best Texas scholarships offered by both private organizations and universities, as well as some great state-based financial aid resources to guide you in your paying for college journey. 

Texas scholarships offered by private organizations

  • Amount: $1,000

    Deadlines: June 30, December 31

    Details:Open to high school students of all years. No essay or minimum GPA required to apply. Open to US citizens, international students in the US, and students with DACA and undocumented status.

  • Amount: up to $11,000

    Deadline: January 11

    Details: Open to students attending accredited undergraduate colleges and universities, graduate schools, and vocational/technical and trade schools. Must be a US citizen.

  • Amount: $3,000 - $20,000

    Deadline: February 15

    Details: Various scholarships open to high school seniors and current college students in Texas. 

  • Amount: $5,000

    Deadline: March 1

    Details: Open to graduating high school seniors in North Texas who are planning to attend an accredited college/university in Texas. Must have demonstrated financial need and a connection to sports. 

  • Amount: $2,250 per semester

    Deadline: March 1

    Details: Open to graduating high school seniors enrolled in full-time programs in family and consumer sciences. Must be a Texas resident and should study in Texas. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

  • Amount: full-tuition!

    Deadline: March 31

    Details: Open to low-income students who are residents of Texas or the United Kingdom, planning on pursuing or currently pursuing STEM-related degrees at 2 or 4-year universities in Texas. Open to high school seniors and current college students.

  • Amount: $1,000

    Deadline: April 1

    Details: Open to high school seniors who reside in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington. Must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be planning to attend a four-year college or university.

  • Amount: up to $2,000

    Deadline: April 8

    Details: Open to Houston ISD high school seniors who have applied and been accepted to a two or four-year college/university program. Must have financial need, a minimum 2.5 GPA, and be fully bilingual (English & Spanish). 

  • Amount: $5,000

    Deadline: April 15

    Details: Open to undergraduate juniors and seniors, and graduate students enrolled in a broadcast journalism curriculum at a four-year college or university in Texas, demonstrating financial need.

  • Amount: $2,000

    Deadline: May 14

    Details: Open to high school seniors in North Texas (see scholarship page for eligible counties).

  • Amount: up to $2,000

    Deadline: July 12

    Details: Open to high school seniors, new and/or returning college students attending any accredited nonprofit public or independent community college, four-year college/university, or technical school in Texas. Must have financial need and be a graduate of a high school in one of the 43 cities listed on the scholarship page.

  • Amount: up to $5,000

    Deadline: N/A

    Details: Open to Texas high school seniors planning to pursue a two- or four-year degree at an accredited college or university next year.

  • Amount: $1,000 - $2,500

    Deadline: N/A - check back in early 2022!

    Details: Open to African-American students graduating from high schools in Dallas County. Applicants must have at least a 2.5 grade point average and be able to demonstrate financial need.

Texas scholarships offered by institutions

The state of Texas houses a total of 148 institutions, including community colleges, universities, and schools that fall into various other categories. Below, we have listed some key financial aid and scholarship information for 10 of the top schools located all across the Lone Star State. 

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: If you’re planning on attending a Texas institution but you’re coming from somewhere out-of-state, fear not -  you can still qualify for the majority of Texas scholarships offered by Texas’ colleges and universities. Just to be safe though, I recommend, as always, that you double check the eligibility requirements for each and every scholarship you apply for before you start your application!

Rice University - Houston, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • Rice offers what is called The Rice Investment - it’s a need-based financial aid package that grants families awards that covers specific amounts of your education depending on your family’s total income and assets:
    • Income range $130K - $200K = half tuition 
    • Income range $65K - $130K = full tuition
    • Income range 65K and below = full tuition, including fees, room and board
  • Rice is committed to meeting 100% of every student’s demonstrated financial need (this is inclusive of international students).

All admitted freshman applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships.


University of Texas-Austin - Austin, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • UT offers over 3,000 scholarships to both incoming and current students.
  • Submit your FAFSA by the priority deadline of January 15 to maximize your chances of receiving the financial aid that you’re eligible for (includes grants, work-study programs, and loans).


Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • Texas A&M has a scholarship page which has information on how students of all years can apply for various types of university scholarships.


Southern Methodist University - Dallas, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • Eligibility for undergraduate merit scholarships is determined through the admissions process and/or by the academic department for the declared major (for current students).


Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • 56% of Trinity students graduate with no debt.
  • Trinity has dozens of great scholarship opportunities for incoming and current students, some of which you are automatically considered for when you apply to the university.


Texas Christian University - Fort Worth, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • About 77% of incoming students receive some kind of financial assistance, including loans, grants, and work study.
  • TCU offers 5 academic scholarships to its highest achieving admitted students, including one full-ride scholarship).


Baylor University - Waco, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • More than 90% of students receive financial aid, and 86% receive academic scholarships.
  • Baylor offers numerous academic scholarships to admitted students (automatically considered once you’ve submitted an application to the school) which range from $1,000 to the full cost of attendance. 


LeTorneau University - Longview, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • More than 90% of all LeTorneau students receive some form of financial aid. 
  • LETU offers four competitive academic scholarships which range from $10,000 - $20,000 per year and are awarded upon acceptance. These scholarships are renewable given a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of each spring semester.


Texas Tech University - Lubbock, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • 70% of students receive aid, and the average amount of undergraduate aid per student is $10,022. 
  • Incoming freshmen can apply for university competitive scholarships through the Apply Texas portal, and they are automatically considered for the Presidential Merit Scholarship upon applying to TTU.
  • Current students can see Texas Tech’s scholarship offerings here.


University of Texas-Dallas - Dallas, Texas

Important financial aid and scholarship details:

  • UT-Dallas offers 5 main scholarship programs for incoming freshmen, plus additional scholarship opportunities for students in each of the eight schools on campus. Check them all out here.

Additional paying for college resources for Texas students

If you’re a Texas resident, you’re in luck! Texas has some great resources to help you through navigating both the world of Texas scholarships as well as the overarching financial aid process. Below are some of the websites to help you get started: 

Resource #1: Apply Texas

What it’s for: applying for admission to Texas institutions, submitting your application essays, applying for institution-based Texas scholarships, learning more about a Texas college or university.

Resource #2: College for All Texans 

What it’s for: all of your general questions relating to preparing for and attending college.

Resource #3: Texas Higher Ed Website 

What it’s for: exploring college options, learning about types of financial aid, Texas state loan programs, residency information, and the TXWorks internship program.

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