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Scholarship Description


To help the winning student pursue their goal of higher education.

Quiz and Paragraph:

When in College you have to spend time researching topics.  The purpose of this quiz is to see if you have good researching skills.

Please answer the following questions (answers are to be found on this website) and then include a short essay along with your answers to the quiz, telling us your intended area of study at college and what you would like to do after you graduate.  Winner will be based on the number of correct answers to the questions below and the essay you write.


1.   What is Tuxedo eating in 2005?
2.   What year did the Mischievous Kitten go after the bird cage?
3.   What does the dachshund have in his stocking in the Puppy Love series?
4.   Mickey’s Christmas Carol features the age old story of Scrooge? Who portrays Jacob Marley?
5.   Which Beautiful Bird was available only to Club Members in 2018?
6.   Which year’s Classic American Car is named after a Mountain Lion?
7.   What year did Hallmark produce the movie theater from the iconic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”?
8.   Hallmark has Breast Cancer angels with a variety of messages. Which year does it bring “Compassion”?
9.   What year is Tom playing doctor to Jerry?
10. What is the name of the ornament that has a little mouse using a paintbrush in a child’s paint box?
11. What flower does the Fairy Messenger represent in 2013?
12.  What is wrong with the train that the Misfits from “Rudolph” are riding in 2014?
13.  What year did they have muffins at the Snow Top Lodge?
14.  What did the snowman build in 2018’s Frosty Fun Decade?
15.  What is Curious George painting in 2005?
16.  Who is playing with Wicket in 2013?
17.  Who is playing with Santa Claus in the Holiday Lighthouse series?
18.  What is on top of the first miniature gumdrop?
19.  Hallmark sells many products, including puzzles. “Best Things in Life are Chocolate” has how many pieces?
20.  What is the 1991 Daughter Easter ornament carrying?

Eligibility Requirements

  • 3.0 Minimum GPA

Application Requirements

  • Essay required

How To Apply


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