O. Nesheim Memorial Scholarship

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⏳ 04/01

Scholarship Description

Must be a legal resident of North Dakota and a direct descendent (child, grandchild or great-grandchild) of a U.S. veteran who served honorably. Proof of service and lineage are required. Must have maintained a secondary school GPA of 2.75 or higher. Must be pursuing a degree in some phase of agriculture, human nutrition, or medicine (medical doctor, PA, dentistry, dental hygiene, pharmacy, or chiropractic). Must be a high school senior or a previous Nesheim Scholarship recipient now attending an institution of higher education. The applicant must submit the completed application form. Include and attach an original essay (500 to 750 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font with 1″ margins) to address the following issues: 1.What are your educational and career goals? 2. How do you plan to accomplish those goals and what part will your education play in attaining those goals? 3. Where do you plan to continue your education and why did you choose that institution? 4. Briefly discuss your secondary education (coursework, extracurricular activities, sports, jobs, volunteerism, etc.) and how you feel they may or may not have helped you prepare for your choice of college, your life, and your career. Provide proof of acceptance into a postsecondary institution in North Dakota that grants Associate or higher degrees. Include a high school transcript. Include 3 letters of reference, all from non-family members, and one of which must be from a U.S. veteran who served honorably. Provide proof of financial need from the educational institution to be attended.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Aged between 17 and 18 years old
  • Must currently be in high school
  • For residents of the following states: North Dakota
  • Served in any military service
  • Special military service requirements
  • Type of institution award is open to: two-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: four-year college

Application Requirements

  • Application form required
  • Financial need analysis required
  • Essay required
  • Community Service Required

How To Apply

Online Email

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Donor: American Legion Department of North Dakota

Veterans Organization.