Nurse Educator Loan-for-Service

🏆 Available:
💰 $7,500
⏳ 07/01

Scholarship Description

The purpose of the Nurse Educator Loan-For-Service is to enhance the ability of college and university employed nursing educators to obtain Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. For every year of service provided, a portion of the loan will be forgiven. If the entire service agreement is fulfilled, 100% of the loan is eligible for forgiveness. Penalties will be assessed if the service agreement is not satisfied.

Eligibility Requirements

  • For residents of the following states: New Mexico
  • Type of institution award is open to: four-year college
  • Award is available to U.S. citizens
  • Award is available to Canadian citizens
  • Award is available to citizens of countries other than the U.S. and Canada.

Application Requirements

  • Application form required

How To Apply

Online Email

Apply Online 🖨️ Print Scholarship

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Donor: New Mexico Commission on Higher Education

The organization promotes and coordinates high quality postsecondary education partnerships that are responsive to changing needs and serve all New Mexicans.