National Huguenot Society Scholarships

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⏳ 07/01

Scholarship Description

A student is eligible to receive a scholarship for each of his or her undergraduate years, as long as the student remains in good standing. If a student is recommended by a chosen college to apply for a Huguenot scholarship, the student will be given a form that includes spaces for listing genealogy. When this paperwork is filled out and copies of records to document the ancestry are obtained, the application is returned to the Financial Aid Office. The completed package will be sent to our office with a letter of recommendation. The ancestry will be examined by our genealogist for authenticity. We only accept applications when they are sent to us directly by the colleges.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Type of institution award is open to: two-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: trade/technical school

Application Requirements

  • Application form required

How To Apply

Online Email

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Donor: The Huguenot Society of America

The Huguenot Society of America was founded in 1883 to perpetuate the memory of the Huguenot settlers in America, to commemorate the principal events in the history of the Huguenots, and to promote the cause of religious freedom.