Autism Scholarship

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⏳ 01/28

Scholarship Description

This is a scholarship, in the form of tuition assistance, that will help cover the cost of attending a college, junior college or university, or a trade or vocational school. The funds will be paid to the school chosen by the successful applicant.

If you are a U.S. citizen who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-V), and you wish to continue your education at a university/college/junior college or trade/vocational school, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. You do not have to be enrolled at the time that you submit your application, but you must utilize the scholarship within a year from the date the award is announced.

For a chance to win the scholarship, you must complete the application, which consists of the following: filling out the online application form, uploading a statement (200 words or less) describing your educational goals. Optional: uploading a statement (1,000 words or less) explaining how ASD or autism has impacted on your education.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Type of institution award is open to: two-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: four-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: trade/technical school
  • Award is available to U.S. citizens

Application Requirements

  • Application form required
  • Special requirements exist (These are specified in text.)
  • A brief statement of no more than 150 words explaining your educational goals.

How To Apply

Online Email

Apply Online 🖨️ Print Scholarship

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