AFSA International Auxiliary Education Grant Program (AEG)

🏆 Available:
💰 $2,000
⏳ 04/21

Scholarship Description

AFSA conducts a program to financially help AFSA Auxiliary members with a valid need of assistance to enhance their income potential through formal education and/or training. The AEG program is designed for AFSA Auxiliary members to obtain effective education and/or training to acquire improved marketable skills. Applicants must have been an AFSA Auxiliary member for at least one year at the time application is submitted and must continue as a member for two additional years after award is presented. The applicant must be able to demonstrate a financial need for assistance. The applicant must show that s/he is acquiring or enhancing marketable skills that will increase his or her economic security. At the end of the course, the applicant must enter or rejoin the workforce.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Type of institution award is open to: two-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: four-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: trade/technical school

Application Requirements

  • Application form required
  • Transcript required
  • Essay required
  • Recommendations or references required
  • Special requirements exist (These are specified in text.)
  • Sponsor’s proof of service, copy of the sponsor’s DD 214, copy of sponsor’s discharge papers; letter of acceptance

How To Apply

Online Email

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Donor: Airmen Memorial Foundation/Air Force Sergeants Association

Founded in 1983, the Airmen Memorial Foundation (AMF) is a not-for-profit charitable and educational assistance organization. Through our Mission Partner Geico and personal contributions, the organization provides funds for worthy causes such as scholarships for enlisted Airmen’s children aged 23 and younger.