ADEA/ADEAGies Foundation Dental Research Scholarship

🏆 Available: 1
💰 $35,000
⏳ 11/01

Scholarship Description

In recognition of the significant contribution of William J. Gies, Ph.D., to dental research, this program seeks to identify students who may have a unique interest or predental experience that might lead to a career in dental research. The Gies Dental Research Scholarship is awarded every two years. The total scholarship awards $35,000 paid to the institution over a four-year period. By the end of the fourth year, a total of four students will have participated in the program. In year one, the school receives $3,500 for one entering first-year student to participate in the program; in year two, the school receives $7,000 for another first-year student and the now second-year student; in year three, the school receives $10,500 for another first-year student and the two other students; and in the fourth year, the school receives a final payment of $14,000 for the four students in the program. After the fourth year, the institution is responsible for securing funding to continue the program.

Application Requirements

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How To Apply

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Donor: American Dental Education Association

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