4-H Youth in Action Awards

🏆 Available: 4
💰 $5,000
⏳ 03/29

Last year this scholarship received 180 applicant(s). $20,000 was awarded to 4 applicant(s).

Scholarship Description

The 4-H Youth in Action Program recognizes four confident young leaders who are 4-H members or alumni between the ages of 15-19 in our core pillar areas of Agriculture, Civic Engagement, Healthy Living & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Each of the four pillar winners will receive: A $5,000 scholarship for higher education, to be paid directly to the institution, including two-year and four-year colleges, trade schools or other advanced learning opportunities. An all-expenses paid trip for the pillar winner & a chaperone to Washington, D.C. The winner will be recognized at the Legacy Awards. Participate in training opportunities and media engagements, while engaging with Council leadership, celebrities & other prominent 4-H alumni. An opportunity to be featured as the 4-H Youth Spokesperson for their pillar area. An official reference letter from National 4-H Council President and CEO, Jennifer Sirangelo

Eligibility Requirements

  • Aged between 15 and 19 years old
  • Type of institution award is open to: two-year college
  • Type of institution award is open to: trade/technical school

Application Requirements

  • Application form required
  • Interview required
  • Essay required
  • Photograph required

How To Apply

Online Email

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Donor: National 4-H Council

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