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Podcast Features


Declassified College Podcast

This episode is for all college students. I partnered up with Justin from Declassified College to discuss what it was like to graduate during a global pandemic, and to offer advice to students who may unfortunately also be graduating under similar circumstances.

The podcast is featured on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Click here to have a listen, and be sure to check out Justin's website here.

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The College Prep Podcast

On this episode, I virtually joined Megan Dorsey, co-founder of the College Prep Podcast, to talk about Access Scholarships, my top tips for students when it comes to searching and applying for scholarships, and general tips about navigating college life in general!

The podcast is featured on Spotify, the College Prep Podcast website, and more.

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Past Events We've Hosted


Bullet Journaling Workshop

What it was all about: I hosted a workshop with bullet journaling enthusiast and expert Kimberly (IG @kimberlysdesk). We covered:

  • What bullet journaling is
  • How you can use bullet journaling in your everyday life
  • Easy ways to get started with bullet journaling

A blog post recap of the event is coming soon!


Your Guide to Becoming Financially Fit

What it was all about: We (virtually) sat down with Hallo and Natalie Barbu, founder of the Barbu Agency, to discuss all things money management and financial fitness. Some highlights of our chat included:

  • Providing an accurate definition of what financial fitness actually means!
  • The importance of budgeting and how to get started
  • Reasons why you should save your money

ICYMI, here is the link to the full presentation!


IG Live with Declassified College

What it was all about: I met up with Justin from Declassified College over Instagram Live to discuss all things college-related. Some key areas of discussion included:

  • How to network properly and effectively through LinkedIn
  • Gap years, gap semesters, and more
  • Applying for and scoring full-time jobs after college graduation
Craft Your Career

Crafting Your Dream Career

What it was all about: We (virtually) sat down with team Hallo, to chat about what a dream job and career looks like, how to identify your strengths, solidifying your non-negotiables, and upgrading your skills to land that role.

Some key takeaways from the presentation included the importance of evaluating past academic and work experiences to determine what you like and don't like and the HUGE role that networking plays in helping you to both narrow down and eventually score your dream job.

ICYMI, here is the link to the full presentation!

The University of Chicago is one of a growing number of colleges and universities to make SAT and ACT tests optional for applicants.

College Admissions & Beyond

What it was all about: 150 high school students (and some parents and school counselors too!) joined us as we discussed everything under the sun related to preparing for college. A few of the major discussion points included the college admissions process and how to stand out as an applicant, standardized testing, and options for paying for college (including scholarships, of course!)

We even gave out $50 Amazon gift cards to 3 lucky attendees! Keep on the lookout for another college prep event in the new year.



Polish Your Professional Image

What it was all about: This event touched on everything that students can do to build a brand for themselves, from identifying your value proposition to cleaning up your LinkedIn profile to getting more involved in relevant communities!

In case you missed this event, here is the link to the full presentation!

Student Testimonials from Past Events

"As someone who is known to panic at the mention of higher education, the Access Scholarship event was really soothing.  The information was delivered very clearly and in a way that wouldn't seem overwhelming or intimidating to the audience.  I am really glad that I attended this event because I got a lot more out of it than just a gift card."

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 9.09.26 PM

Warisha K, High School Junior 

Navigating College Admissions & Beyond Attendee

"Through the presentation, I posed a lot of questions to myself and thought of how I can use the tools and tips provided by Access Scholarships' workshop to better my educational and professional career."


Lucinda Diehl, High School Junior

Polish Your Professional Image Attendee

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