Top Blogs Run by and/or for College Students You Should Be Reading

Look, it’s no secret that the rollercoaster that is ~college~ can be a wild one, filled with its fair share of ups and downs throughout the ride.

While it is certainly great to confide in and seek advice from family and friends, Internet blogs have also become an awesome platform to help students meet like-minded people who can provide tips, new ideas, and resources, and even laughs to students who are looking for them. 

As a recent graduate myself, I know how much I relied on blogs to help me navigate college, save money, stay organized, and even provide me with inspiration to try new things.

To complement our recent post on 10 Media Influencers You Should Be Following in 2020, here we are going to highlight top blogs run by and/or for college students that you should be reading! 

Without further ado… 

Top college blogs you should DEF have bookmarked!

By Sophia Lee

By Sophia Lee

By Sophia Lee aims to inspire young women through decorating, organizing, and cleaning regardless of whether you're moving into your college dorm room or first apartment.
From everything you need for your dorm to the best college tips, BSL has all the best advice for you to thrive in college.
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Jessica Slaughter

Jessica is a 22-year old Software Engineer who works at Google and currently lives in Texas. Her blog (which she describes as more of a “journal”) has content on topics such as navigating college, working life, healthy living and wellness, saving money, and more.

Her blog is great for college students because not only does it tackle the many facets of student life (decorating apartments, staying organized, meal prep, dealing with stress), but it also provides tons of tips for successfully transitioning from college life to the “real world” (hint: it’s not that bad!). Be sure to check out her blog here for tons of interesting reads filled with helpful tips and resources.

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The Blonde Lifestyle

The Blonde Lifestyle is a college lifestyle blog run by two current college students named Madison and Makayla. Some of their recent posts include “20 places to buy dorm decor on a budget”, “How I dealt with a disability as a college student”, and “How to prepare for college in 2020”.

It's no secret that the college experience for the majority of students nationwide is changing drastically due to COVID-19, and this blog is one that will certainly provide you with the tips and advice you need to be a successful and adaptive student (in 2020 and beyond!).  

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College Life Made Easy

College Life Made Easy was founded by blogging duo Charlie and Jen, two people who are both “passionate bargain shoppers and all about being smart with money”.

If you're reading this blog post right now, it's likely that you might be on the lookout for ways to not only save money by applying to scholarships, but for ways to save money in all aspects of your life so that you can continue to thrive like the ~amazing~ college student that you are!!

Charlie and Jen are the first people to acknowledge that college is expensive, and their blog does a terrific job at highlighting the resources and deals that are available for students to take advantage of.

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Intern Queen

Intern Queen, run by Lauren Berger, is a great blog for high school and college students who are looking to be more productive and motivated, not only in school but also in life and in pursuing a career.

While many of their posts center around jobs, internships, and resume advice and resources, a solid amount of the blog’s content is also focused on helping students live smarter and more enjoyable lives in general.

A few posts we love are “5 podcasts you need to add to your quarantine queue”, “My classes are now virtual, here’s how I’m staying mentally healthy”, and “5 books every college graduate should read”.

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