July Scholarships

Introduction to July Scholarships

The heat of the summer is here, and so are the July scholarships!

This post highlights nearly thirty great scholarships for students of all kinds to apply for throughout the month of July. Some of these July scholarships are for students pursuing specific majors, whereas others are geared towards students of certain age ranges and geographic locations. As always, there are plenty of scholarships in this post that are more general / open to a wider range of students.

As always, the more specific you can get with the types of scholarships you apply for, the better! So, even if you've been lacking on your scholarship game lately (it is summer, after all!), let this July scholarships post act as a starting point to help you reignite your summer of searching, applying for, and winning, as many scholarships as you can!

So, without further ado, keep scrolling for my list of July scholarships!

25+ scholarships to apply for in July

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