How to Make Money While You're Still in College

Whether you’re just starting college this year or you’re already an upperclassman, it is likely that you have already acknowledged at least once (if not many more times!) how expensive college can be. Between buying textbooks, covering tuition and room & board, and paying for food, we know how it feels to be on the struggle bus when it comes to having money in college. Luckily, there are many possibilities for making money while you’re in school, even if you are a full-time student. Read on to learn more about how you can earn a few extra bucks to help you fund your education (to complement all of your scholarship winnings, we hope ????)!! 

University/College Resources

Looking at the resources offered on your school’s website is perhaps the easiest place to start your search for earning money. Most colleges and universities have a section of their website dedicated to student resources. 

While this page may look different across each school, its general goal is to allow students to browse on-campus jobs, to learn more about work-study programs available, and to read about job placement opportunities. A few of the most common jobs we’ve found on these student job boards are for Teacher’s Assistants, Tutors, RA’s (Resident Advisors), Campus Tour Guides, and various positions in campus buildings

You may also be wondering about work-study programs and where they fit into the equation here. Federal work-study is a way for undergraduate and graduate school students with financial need to earn money to put towards paying for their education. The work-study section of your school’s website is likely to be separate on the page from the normal job board (and may even be in a different location altogether), so be on the lookout for that resource!  

Food Delivery

Aside from on-campus jobs and opportunities, one popular way that many students choose to earn cash for college is through working for a delivery service. These jobs are often great for college students because they allow you to work flexible hours. You may have access to different opportunities depending on where your school is located, however, it is likely that at least one of the most popular companies operates in your area. The majority of these positions require you to have a car, bike, or scooter to make deliveries but depending on where you live, you may be able to deliver on foot. Check out the opportunities listed below if a food delivery job sounds interesting to you! 


Uber Eats


Taking Surveys

Another option for earning money while you’re in college (that you can even do from your couch!) is taking surveys. Each website offers different payouts for certain types of surveys; a shorter survey might pay $.50 or a few bucks, whereas a longer and more intensive survey could put $50 in your pocket on the spot. Popular survey websites include Survey Junkie & and Swagbucks.   

Other Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, there are a bunch of other options that students can pursue to make some extra cash, such as:  

  • Become someone's virtual assistant → This is a great opportunity nowadays given that the pandemic has made a lot of in-person jobs more difficult to obtain. While I haven't tried this myself, it seems like a solid option for making money, considering you will mostly be doing basic administrative tasks AND you can work from your bed (or your couch)! Some websites to check out for these types of jobs include and Indeed.
  • Petsit or become a dog walker → Check out apps like Rover and Wag
  • Become a brand ambassador for a company or organization that you care about →  Many companies (such as Rent the Runway, Asics, and Pura Vida, to name a few) hire students to promote their brands around campus through tabling events, wearing their products, and posting on social media to influence the way others view their brands.
  • Start your own blog, vlog, or become an influencer → If you have an interesting life story, are savvy with social media, or have a niche interest that not many people know about, one of these options might be a good fit for you! While one downside of these options is that they often take a few months or longer to start making money, when they do make money, the potential return could be well into the thousands of dollars.
  • Get a job off-campus at a cafe, restaurant, bar, clothing store, etc. → Depending on where your school is located, the possibilities with this one are endless. Generally, stores and restaurants located in or near colleges and universities that hire students are flexible with scheduling hours, which can be a big plus if you have a packed schedule of classes. Plus, the potential for earning tips in addition to the standard wage (if you work at a bar or restaurant) can be a very nice bonus!
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