10 Media Influencers You Should Be Following in 2020

It’s no secret that navigating life can be tricky from time to time. It’s also no secret that navigating college life can, in many ways, be trickier. One thing that many students take solace in during tough times is knowing that other students and young adults are also in the same boat, or once were. Below, we have gathered our list of 10 influencers you should follow for advice (and laughs) on all aspects of student life. 

Morgan Yates - YouTube 

Morgan is a 25-year old influencer currently living in Los Angeles. While she is active on both YouTube and Instagram, she boasts a vast 321,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts weekly vlogs on topics such as travel, staying active, keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, being a millennial, and so much more. While Morgan is not currently in college, she graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill just a few years back, so a lot of her content is certainly still relevant to the college-student audience. 

Tarek Ali - YouTube

Tarek is a 22-year old who wears many hats; in addition to being a full-time college student at Georgia State University (where he majors in Biology) he is also a content creator and public speaker who thrives on using his platform to “help transform societal norms all while making his audience laugh and look and feel beautiful”. Centering his content around current events, honest personal stories (both good and bad), and discussing important issues in society, Tarek’s content is truly a fresh perspective in the world of blogging that every student can benefit from. 

Thomas Frank - YouTube

With almost 2 million (!!) subscribers on YouTube, Thomas creates videos that are guaranteed to be of interest to any and all students (along with those of you who have entered the “real world”!). He runs his YouTube channel in tandem with his website College Info Geek, both of which feature many years of content on topics such as tackling procrastination, things he wishes he knew in college, how to take great notes, and tips on beating the afternoon slump (yes, we get that too!). 

Sienna Santer - YouTube

A current college sophomore at Harvard University, Sienna creates videos detailing college life, study routines, her passion for fashion, travel adventures, and more. Other videos that current or incoming college students will certainly appreciate on her page are her most recent posts, where she discusses creative things to do during quarantine, along with a day in her life at online school (both due to the effects of COVID-19). 

Mariana (Mariana’s Study Corner) - YouTube

With over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube, Mariana has gained her massive following by posting videos that many would consider a student’s (or even a full-time worker’s) gold mine. Her vlog features content on topics such as how to take smart notes, keeping everything organized, how to improve your morning routine, and tips for acing online classes. Regardless of your age, year in school, or whether or not you are even currently in school, Mariana’s content will surely give you the inspiration you need to take initiative toward being the best you can be.  

Katie Tracy - YouTube

Katie is a 19-year old whose honest and informative YouTube channel focuses mainly on the ups and downs that college life (especially during these crazy times) comes with. As a Filipina student who studied abroad in the US, she definitely brings a fresh yet relatable point of view into the spotlight that thousands of college students can relate to. Some of her recent videos include “My professor called me out on ZOOM????” and “Students, let’s have a meltdown together”. Ah, all too relatable.

Khayla Shipman - Pinterest

Khayla is a current student at Arizona State University. Her main following is on Pinterest, where she has created over 70 boards filled with inspiration on topics such as general college life, dorm room decorating, money and finance, and study hacks. Since her page covers so many different topics that are helpful to students, you’ll be sure to find inspiration from her content. 

Jordan Sanchez - YouTube

AKA The Queen Next Door, Jordan is a 17-year old student attending Harvard University. Her current repertoire of videos is mostly centered around how she got into college, aspects of her application (including tips for applying!), and her experiences during her first year in college. While Jordan’s content is great for high school students who are soon applying to college, her videos also appeal to current college students who are looking to improve their productivity and live their best college life possible. 

Reese Regan- YouTube

Reese’s videos, which focus on lifestyle and beauty, are a fun and worthwhile watch for any student who is looking for a good laugh, life tips, and even advice on dealing with many of the mental health struggles that are more than common among college students in our generation. Her content encourages followers to get out there and try new things (whether it’s skateboarding or thrift shopping), as well as to take the necessary steps to be successful in college. Some of her most popular videos include “How I use my bullet journal to be productive AF”, “How to take notes from a textbook”, and “What to bring (and NOT bring) to college!” 

Gabby Aikawa - YouTube

Last, but certainly not least, Gabby Aikawa is a college student studying Human Biology and Chemistry, with hobbies such as playing lacrosse, spending time with friends, and cooking. Her videos range widely in topic, from healthy eating to how she got her current job to new hairstyles. What’s great is that her videos cover the many sides, adventures, and occurrences in her life, which means there will surely be content you can relate to and learn from.

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