$1,000 Too Cool to Pay for School Scholarship

Paying for school can be stressful. That’s why we decided to make it super easy and fast to enter this $1,000 scholarship!

Simply register below and you could be the next winner of our easy scholarship! We are giving out four $1,000 awards, ending quarterly (March, June, September & December!). Scroll down below the form to read about the logistics, rules, and more.

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How it works: The “Too Cool to Pay for School” scholarship is part of our contribution to helping students save money for higher education. The scholarship can be used to cover education-related expenses such as tuition, textbooks, housing, technology, and other fees. To apply, simply enter your info into the form and cross your fingers - it’s as easy as that. The winner of the scholarship will be determined by random drawing and then contacted directly and announced on this page. For additional information, read the official rules.

Who can apply? Open to high school, college, and graduate school students of all years. Must be currently enrolled full time (in high school or at an accredited university) or planning on enrolling within 24 months.

Deadline: Quarterly (last day of the month in March, June, September & December!).

Summary of Key Rules

  • Open to all current high school, college, and graduate students
  • Open to US residents, DACA and undocumented students, and international students currently studying in the US.
  • Only one entry allowed per person per quarter. A new winner will be chosen every quarter.
  • Scholarships or prizes will be awarded directly to the winners.
  • Winners will be notified by e-mail and posted on our website.

Good luck!!

Past winners of the Too Cool to Pay for School Scholarship

Screen Shot 2024-04-14 at 8.38.44 PM

March '24  - Cristian M.

"I am greatly honored to be awarded this scholarship! I plan to use it to further my experience in the medical field."

December '23  - Erika M.

"I am so grateful to have been selected as the recipient of this scholarship. As a child living in a single parent household it means so much to me to be able to lift any financial burden that I can from those who are putting me through school. I will be putting this money towards the cost of my tuition. I would like to thank anyone who had a part in selecting me as the recipient of this scholarship. My education is very important to me so I could not be happier to receive this scholarship!"

September '23  - Michael O.

"Words cannot describe how incredibly excited and grateful I am to have won this scholarship. As many know, financing higher education is becoming more and more difficult with rising tuition and cost of living expenses, which this scholarship helps to alleviate. I'll be using this scholarship money to help pay for my tuition and housing next quarter-- possibly some to pay off the student loans I've already taken out. I'd like to thank Access Scholarships for giving me the opportunity to focus more on my education, rather than how to fund it."


June '23  - Yazmin R.

"I feel very grateful for winning this scholarship! My parents and I have been saving up for when I graduate to go to college and I know this will be a big help for us. Thank you so much for this honor!"

March '23  - Erick A.

"Winning this feels amazing. I never expected I would be able to win one of these scholarships. This is a great opportunity. I will definitely put it towards buying books or housing."


December '22  - Nikita P.

"I’m very happy that I won this scholarship. I’m so excited to continue my career in psychology."

September '22  - Valeria H.

"I'm incredibly honored to have won this scholarship! The entire process of applying to college and being uncertain about the tuition costs has magnified my worries for the future. However, this scholarship is a great privilege that has taken some weight off my shoulders. Thank you once again!!"

June '22  - Grant V.

"I'm so excited to have received this scholarship! College is expensive to be sure, but it is so worth it. I can use this scholarship to help me pursue my dream of being a teacher and helping kids!"


March '22  - Tamiya M.

"I feel very blessed and honored to have been one of the recipients of this scholarship. With this I plan to purchase my books for next semester and buy any school supplies that I may need."

joaquin ramos

December '21  - Joaquin R.

"I am very fortunate as well as ecstatic to be receiving this scholarship as I prepare for college. Thank you so much!"


September '21  - Zene A.

"I am very shocked that I've finally won my first scholarship. I plan on putting the scholarship towards the interest I've accumulated on my loans."

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 1.02.10 PM

June '21  - Ronsard M.

"Part of my morning routine is to check my email for any updates on my academics and personal life. Unlike most days, I was delighted to read my email and saw that I won Access’s $1,000 scholarship on June 1st. My first reaction was to share this news with my parents back in Haiti. I made an international phone call and assured them that I would finance part of my education as a transfer student and biochemistry major at the University of Rochester this upcoming fall. For that, thank you Access Scholarships!!


Mar '21 Fundraiser Schol - Shauna K.

"When I was congratulated over a video call that I won this scholarship, I was ecstatic! I plan on using the scholarship money towards my tuition at graduate school. I am pursuing my M.S. in Communication Disorders at Emerson College to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. This scholarship will relieve some of the financial burden and I am extremely grateful! Thank you so much, Access Scholarships!"

Nohemi Vasquez

Mar '21 Fundraiser Schol - Nohemi V.

"I am extremely grateful for being selected to receive this scholarship. With this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education in architecture. I will also be able to further expand my knowledge in other fields of design. The skills and knowledge that I will acquire through my educational journey will allow me to become more engaged and involved in local, community, and environmental issues."


Mar '21 Fundraiser Schol - Teresa K.

"It's an honor to win the five hundred dollar scholarship. It will go towards the tuition fees that I will have to pay when I attend North Dakota State University. This scholarship will allow me to be able to pay for college and not have to worry so much about the student debt I will be gathering throughout the years."

IMG_2109 2

Mar '21 - Chloe K.

"My initial reaction to opening the email about the scholarship was shocked.  Many people applied and I am very grateful that I won!! I plan on putting the scholarship towards classes that are relating to my major, poli-sci/pre-law.  Going into this gelid has been a dream of mine from a very young age. I’m so happy that I get to put this to such great use in the future."

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 7.24.12 PM

Dec '20 - Larden G.

“I am so grateful to win this scholarship. I will use the money towards my expenses at North Carolina State University. At NC State, I am pursuing a B.S. in Paper Science and Engineering and a B.S. Chemical Engineering. This money will help reduce the financial burden on me and my family. Thank you so much Access Scholarships!"

Sept '20 - Caleb W.

“Upon reading the email that I had won, I was astounded. I plan to use the scholarship towards my tuition into UC Irvine’s summer program that takes students to Washington, D.C. for internships and further academic experience. Thank you once again, Access Scholarships, for helping me in reaching my academic pursuits!"